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  Pfweb was founded by Dr. Patrick Finelli in 1998 as a website portal. We started by publishing books and internet content, and have expanded to feature citizen’s groups, professional services and a Peleliu tribute site. We hope you enjoy your visit to our websites.

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Brief biography:

Dr. Patrick M. Finelli is a Professor in the School of Theatre and Dance at USF in Tampa, specializing in Theatre History, Contemporary Performance Theory, Caribbean Theatre and Sport as Performance. His publications include the textbook Sound for the Stage, the book Worlds Away, electronic courseware for online teaching, chapters in books and over 300 articles and reviews. He is an associate editor for Theatre Design and Technology and his research has been published in Theatre Journal, Performing Arts Resources, Southern Theatre and New England Theatre Journal. He has studied abroad at the University of Bonn and participated in professional conferences in China, Germany, England (University of Kent), at the Netherlands Theatre Institute (Amsterdam) and the University of Utrecht. He has traveled widely throughout Europe and the Far Western Pacific.